Vintage Ship’s Clock – Seiko Triangular Double-Sided Steel Finish

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All vintage double-sided clocks – round and triangular – are becoming increasingly hard to source. Where we would previously have bought in dozens, we are now finding less than a dozen of any particular design. If you have always coveted one, now may be the time.

A very unusual and large vintage double-sided triangular ship’s clock, manufactured circa 1980s. A substantial timepiece with a whiff of Art Deco about it, which would look amazing in any house, these have also been purchased by restaurants in the UK and abroad.

Just compare its size (see photograph) against those of our round double-sided and extra-wide round double-sided vintage ships’ clocks – which are already significantly larger than the average wall clock!

Some we have stripped and polished – there will be imperfections on all of these vintage clocks, having spent many years at sea – others, we have retained the original light blue-green enamel.

Our vintage ships’ clocks not only tell the time – they tell a story. A larger-than-life story, of oceans and inclement weather, of men and their machines, and the human compulsion always to be on time, whatever the journey.

A small knob on the longest side (the hypoteneuse, if we hark back to school maths) turns to allow both clock faces to open out, like a pair of wings, providing access to the clock mechanisms.

Originally run on nautical electrics, which are incompatible with domestic systems, the defunct original mechanisms have been replaced by two AA battery-powered versions.The batteries and time shown are thus easily changed.

The triangle sides measure 27 x 27 x 35 cm; the clock protrudes 32 cm from the wall; the backplate measures 23 x 18 cm; and each clock weighs 3.2 Kg.

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