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Any Old Lights

Welcome! Here at Any Old Lights, we specialise in vintage and retro lighting and offer carefully selected, high-quality, beautiful pieces to make any space unique. We are passionate about providing rare lighting that is rich in history, and we know that the beauty of our products sets us apart.

With plenty of experience in this industry, we have the knowledge and network to source various types of vintage pieces. We launched our business in 2014, and with significant growth, we could later expand into a bigger space in Fowey. Our place is often likened to an art gallery, filled with gorgeous vintage floor lamps, nautical lights, retro clocks, and various other antiques. But do not worry - we ship pieces around the globe!

In addition to our vintage products, we also curate our own brand of Revivals products. Since genuinely vintage pieces are often hard to find or may have disappeared from circulation, our Revivals pieces are intended for bulk-lit areas. Inspired by vintage pieces and themes, our curated brand is budget-friendly and great for commercial spaces.

We have experience working with everyone from hobbyists and collectors to restaurant and hotel owners. These client interactions and their invaluable feedback make us proud to offer the products and services that we do. So, whether you are looking for a single piece to spruce up a home library or office, revamping a commercial space, or anything in between - we've got you covered. Our customer manager, Justine, is a qualified interior designer, and is very happy, if desired, to help you choose the vintage pieces of your dreams, working within your budget.

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What We Offer

While our speciality is vintage lighting, we offer so much more than just that. It's also worth mentioning that if our products may seem a little pricey, they are rare, will only increase in value, and all are expertly refurbished by our in-house engineer, Clive. We are confident that the rarity and quality of these pieces represent excellent value for money - and our customers agree (click the reviews link above). A list and description of our products are outlined below, as well as what our customers have to say about these pieces.

Vintage & Retro Lighting

We are proud to offer a carefully selected range of vintage lighting that our customers love. The kind of lighting you choose will depend on what you are trying to achieve within your space. Here are the lighting options we offer:

  • Wall Lights
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Vintage Floor Lamps
  • Desk & Bedside Table Lamps

Each of these categories comes in a variety of styles, industrial and nautical. All of our lights are fully electrically refurbished, using high-quality rated components. We always recommend instalment by a qualified electrician, and are very happy to advise on suitability before you buy.


"I am currently renovating a Coach House and found Any Old Lights selling the most incredible lights. I have ordered a couple of original lights and some of their retro items. The quality is absolutely great and feels and look amazing. The order process was quick and easy, and the items came the following week. I will definitely buy again from Any Old Lights."

Vintage Theatre Lighting

We are also very proud to offer our vintage nautical clocks. These beautiful clocks are salvaged from decommissioned ships, where they run on nautical electrics. We refurbish each one to run with quartz mechanisms powered by one AA battery. Some we strip and polish, others we leave with the original colour scheme – the choice is yours. They are usually several decades old and exude a classic, vintage aura.

Because we find these from a variety of ships and sources, there is a range of pricing options available to accommodate your budget.


"So happy with my tripod theatre lights! Everyone compliments me on them and they really do give my lounge the wow factor that I was after. Plus they are unique and I am not going to see them in everyone's else's houses come next year! Initially, I wasn't entirely sure on technicalities, size etc and the lady I spoke to gave me great advice. Thoroughly recommend Any Old Lights - I am now eyeing up a ship's clock on their site!"

Vintage Clocks

At AOL HQ we are particularly fond of vintage theatrical lighting. The old Strands and Mole Richardsons are works of art, designed during a bygone age when, even those these lights were secreted way up among rafters, they had to look special. 

All the old theatres and concert halls have now converted to LED and tragically, swathes of old theatre lights were thrown in skips. We save them from this ignominious fate whenever possible and keep a healthy stock of vintage Strands - particularly Pattern 23s - which we send to a professional polisher, who creates masterpieces.


"I could not be happier with my purchase. The clock is beautiful and even more unique and special looking in person. The shipping and communication with the store were smooth and easy. Overall couldn't be happier and will be coming back for more in the future!"

Maritime Antiques

We have a fine collection of maritime antiques. A few of the products we offer include:

  • Cowl Vents
  • Ship Bells
  • Ship Compasses
  • Ship Telegraphs
  • Ship Wheels
  • Vintage Ship Lanterns
  • Wind Anemometers

We are also able to source other maritime antiques as they come up and are always keeping an eye out for beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Since gems appear at unlikely times, our full stock is often not available online, so if you're after something special please do enquire.


"Very nice old maritime products, they can be a bit pricy, but you pay for good quality, hard-to-find products."

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