Ship’s Radio Room Clock – Vintage Seiko Blue-Green Enamel

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We’ve sold plenty of the standard version of this lovely vintage Seiko clock – this is the only radio room version we’ve ever come across.

Radio room clocks feature the very distinctive red and green (or sometimes blue) segments on the face, denoting times of radio silence and monitoring. This also features the original hands, in interesting colours, and an unusual steel trim.

This clock would have been used aboard an ocean-going vessel that has since been decommissioned – I’m afraid it’s impossible to specify which one.

Our vintage ships’ clocks date circa 1988-1998. Labelling inside may indicate the precise year of manufacture.

All clocks used on board ship run off an electrical slave system – so that every clock tells the same time! – that is incompatible with domestic electric systems. So we have removed the redundant electrics and replaced with a highly reliable quartz battery version (taking one AA battery – supplied with purchase).

In keeping with the original usage on board ship, some wear and tear or degradation may be visible.

The rear of the clock is a thick rubbery plastic with a hole top centre that can be used for simple hanging.

Clock dimensions: clock face diameter 18cm, back 22cm; depth 7cm.

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