Tripod Floor Lamp – Revivals Mini Lighthouse Exclusive

£225.00 (inc VAT)

Unique tripod floor lamp, exclusive to Any Old Lights and new for 2021.

Our Revivals range of lighting recreates classic vintage lighting that is disappearing from circulation. This is our latest addition and it’s a cracker.

Some years back we imagined The Lighthouse: a hefty, vast vintage brass nautical gate-light, paired with our custom-made solid aluminium surveyor’s tripod. We created just a dozen or so, given the rarity of the light, and they always sold quickly. (After a two-year hiatus, we have just revisited The Lighthouse using a steel version of the same light and our custom teak surveyor’s tripod.)

It’s taken a long time in development to finally recreate a budget version of this iconic light, that truly captures the beauty of the original. Finally, here it is: the Mini Lighthouse.

The light itself is cast aluminium with a 360˙ glass fresnel lens. Its design is based on a vintage ship’s masthead lamp, which you’d be pressed to find these days. That is paired with one of our classic teak tripods.

Fully wired with vintage-style woven flex, switch and mains plug, connecting to one standard E27 light bulb fitting. We recommend LED of any wattage.

The finish is the same that on as our aluminium Lemar-style lights.

The light pictured is our prototype, which I pinched for our house. We have just half a dozen due around 25 March, by air; another 24 are following by ship, due late May. So get in quick if you want to be one of the first to own one! We will ship to you on arrival.

(More photos will be added as soon as the lights arrive and we can photograph them properly.)

We have also created a custom aluminium base – purchased separately – which the light slots into, to create a unique table lamp. If you buy the tripod lamp version, you could lift the light off and double it as a table lamp. Further info to follow.

Light dimensions: 22 cm high, 18 cm wide. Tripod itself extends from roughly 85 cm to 140 cm.

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