Vintage Nunotani Aluminium Ship’s Engine Order Telegraph

£1,425.00 (inc VAT)

Vintage aluminium engine order telegraph, manufactured by the Nunotani Keiki Seisakucho Ltd company of Amagasaki, Japan.

The telegraph has been stripped of its original paint – you can still see the pale blue-green paint in the handle housing, in one or two images – and polished.

Features speed dials – from Dead Slow to Full – on both sides, and a working handle that selects the desired speed. This would have been signalled from the bridge and transmitted to another telegraph in the engine room, where the order would have been acted upon.

Ships’ telegraphs are becoming harder to source. This one is dated on the manufacturer’s nameplate on the front of the stand: December 1999. The Nunotani company, founded in the 1890s, is Japan’s longest established nautical instrument maker.

A statement design piece. Not many people in the world own one of these.

Dimensions: 1m tall.

We cannot ship this item for free, given its unusual weight (approx 30 Kg) and size. Please contact us for a shipping quote to your destination prior to purchase, or we can provide the same after purchase and invoice.

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