Vintage Theatre Lighting Focus: Mole Richardson 410 Solarspot on Vintage Steel & Bronze Stand


There are all sorts of gorgeous mid-century theatrical lights tucked away in cupboards and storage rooms around the country. They are generally in a tangle of grotty old wire and covered in tatty black paint. It is only when you put them in the hands of a skilled polisher and have them professionally rewired that the vintage styling really shines.

Most highly prized are those made by Mole Richardson, a motion picture lighting manufacturing company originally based in Hollywood, California. Mole-Richardson invented the Fresnel Solar Spot unit in 1935, adapting the fresnel lighthouse lens for use in motion pictures.

As you can imagine, we were absolutely delighted to spot this Mole Richardson 410 Solarspot – far larger than your average vintage Strand – for sale in a rather bedraggled state. This stunning piece of theatrical history is on the original stand, which features subtle bronze detailing, and also has its original fresnel lens and removable barn doors.

Fully refurbished and polished to perfection, we have replaced the original light fitting with a standard E27 bulb holder and rewired with vintage style twisted flex.

This is only the third Mole Richardson we’ve laid our hands on. The first one went to beautiful luxury hotel in Italy, the second was snapped up within a week of being displayed in our shop. It is certainly a statement piece!

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