Vintage Ship Bells Incoming

Vintage brass ship bells

Bronze and brass ships’ bells are beautiful items, packed with history – and always popular. We’re constantly on the lookout for them.

What I like about them in particular, is that a named and dated bell can be be researched on the internet, and the end result is often a faded old photograph of the actual vessel the bell was once used on. It’s a direct, visual link to the history of the object – immensely satisfying.

We have four vintage brass ships’ bells incoming – late January – which I have already partially researched. Each is inscribed, and they must have come from someone in the oil industry, because each is off an oil tanker.

The inscriptions read:

The Esso Oxford is the oldest and the largest of the bells at 21.5 cm diameter. Click on the link to see photographs and further details of all 4. These are big ships!

Most excitingly, the Burmah Enterprise is the 28th largest ship in the world!

Keep an eye on this website and we’ll get them online as quickly as possible. If you’d like to know more or reserve one of these bells, please get in touch now.

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