Vintage lighting needs to be seen to be appreciated. And so does our hometown of Fowey!

Many thousands of people visit during the year, a sizeable proportion having already stayed, often year after year.

There’s something about the town, an indefinable magical quality. It’s why we live here also.

So we decided to make a video, using dynamic still photographs, which captures perfectly the lure of Fowey, within the heart of Cornwall.

The yachting images were taken by local photographer, Susanna Stables, during summer’s hugely popular Fowey Regatta week. The vintage lighting shots were taken by our very own Justine Hambly. And the gorgeous, summery soundtrack is Bumbler, by Andy G Cohen.

The street shot of our shop at night was taken by myself, which is why it’s the iffiest one there, though it does express the charm of Fowey come dusk.

We’ve added the video to the Our Story page and you can watch it here also. Please let us know what you think.

And come visit our little Cornish vintage lighting shop!

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