The final instalment of our mammoth(ish) series on the refurbishment of the Essex factory vintage lights with original Benjamin glass.

Our giant 20-inch RLM Reflectors, 17-inch RLM Reflectors and the 14-inch domed RLM reflectors are now available for purchase on the site (as linked just back there) and there’s one of each on display in our shop at 9 South Street, Fowey.

It’s been a labour of love and we’re very proud of the end results. Being from the same Benjamin family, and the same colour, these could be mix-and-matched to wonderful effect, or used singly or in groups – depending on your ceiling size! – of the same type, for a classic vintage WOW appearance. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone else selling these lights with the original convex glass, certainly at our prices (which include VAT, remember).

Restaurant, bar, office, hotel or domestic – snap yours up fast because we can’t guarantee to find them again.

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