Vintage Industrial Lighting II

Forgive me for going on about our vintage industrial lights, but we’ve ploughed all our efforts into this arena in the past couple of months, and are utterly delighted with the collection we have put together. We now have a stock of vintage industrial lights that matches (almost) our selection of vintage maritime lighting.

This is a quick blog post to point out that all the Benjamin, Thorlux, Wardle, R.E.A.L. and Revo lights are now up on the site, if in draft form. All these vintage lights are either in our workshop awaiting refurbishment or are on their way to us. So the lights in photographs labelled DRAFT IMAGE are seen PRIOR TO refurbishment. By the time we’ve finished with them, they will look the bee’s knees.

Our vintage lighting refurbishment involves a full overhaul: cleaning up the enamel, stripping paint splashes if required – these are genuine vintage industrial lights out of factories, so have seen service – inspecting the fittings and either overhauling if workable or replacing if not; stripping and polishing the gallery, back to the original brass/steel; adding bespoke aluminium hanging hook, and wiring with vintage-style flex. It’s the full service and we take it very seriously.

As stated just up there, these are genuine vintage factory lights, so they will not be in perfect condition – they’re at least 55 years old, often some way more – but we specify to our suppliers that we only buy lights in a condition that enhances their original vintage nature, not denigrates it.

So have a look at our Vintage Industrial selection, given a new page of its own in the website menu. These vintage lights won’t be around for long, either on our site or around the country – their already high rarity can only increase. So bring a piece of British industrial history and design into your home/bar/restaurant/office (they’d look fabulous in any of those). We are always willing to discuss discounts on bulk purchases.

Happy hunting!

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