Vintage ship clocks are a popular part of our stock. They’re salvaged from the same decommissioned cargo ships that yield our vintage lighting, so fit perfectly into the scheme of things.

Most of our vintage ships’ clocks are 25-35 years old. The vast majority are in surprisingly good condition, given their age.

Among our favourites are the radio room clocks. Who couldn’t fail to be taken by the red/blue or red/green coloured bands painted onto the face, denoting periods of radio silence?

There are many rooms on a cargo vessel, but only one radio room – and hence only one radio-room clock per vast ship. So they’re much rarer, as well as more attractive, hence the higher price.

Rest assured: not only are our radio-room clocks more desirable, they’re also more collectible. Their value can only increase.

But enjoy them for what they are: stunning timepieces with a mysterious maritime back-story. Where have they been? It’s impossible to specify. You can be sure they’ve sailed at least a few of the seven seas, and seen waves you can only dream of.