Vintage Pulsar 56 Par Can Tripod Floor Lamp

£228.00 (inc VAT)

The second pattern of vintage par can (dating from the early 1990s) that we reclaimed from Cornish holiday parks – the other pattern being the longer Pulsar 56/64 version.

Again we had to mount the spotlight and to replace the original 300W lens with a light source that suited domestic use.

The original 17 cm diameter lens, we have replaced with a 12W (90-100W traditional equivalent) commercial LED downlighter, which should last a lifetime.

The lamp has been wired using 2.5m of funky red woven vintage-style flex, switch and plug. The par can is bespoke-mounted on a teak tripod with retractable legs.

Par can dimensions: 27 cm long, front 21 cm x 21 cm

A fantastic vintage theatrical spotlight, mounted – at under £230!

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