The Fresnel Lens Light Is Back!

ship's fresnel pendant maritime lighting uk

When you’re dealing in vintage products, there inevitably comes a time where popular pieces are just impossible to find any more.

Such was the case with our extremely popular Russian ships’ fresnel-lens pendant lights, which flew out the door. We tried to restock, but there simply were no more. The lights – as all these vintage maritime lights will do, sooner rather than later – had become obsolete.

Luckily, we kept the last one back – which we’ve had reproduced using a trusted designer. After months in development we can now reveal the exclusive Any Old Lights cast aluminium ship’s fresnel lens pendant light – superb quality and just £120 each.

We’re also hard at work developing pieces exclusive to us. When we first started selling ships search lights, many customers wanted them up on stands to create better lighting options and to show them off. So we had copies of a professional surveyor’s tripod made, in both cast aluminium and teak, then commissioned a local metal worker, renowned for his excellent craftsmanship, to create bespoke fixings to attach light to stands. The vintage aluminium, brass and copper work well with these stands, and our customers love them.

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