Giant LED Light Bulbs Now In Stock

XL LED light bulb

We bought these XL LED light bulbs to fit into our vintage XL steel and brass fox lights – you simply need an XL light bulb in an XL light! – but we bought enough that we can sell a few on.

LED technology is coming on apace and these giant light bulbs are just part of the revolution. We recommed LED lightbulbs in every Any Old Lights light, for both power and environmental reasons, and with prices coming down rapidly you’ve no reason not to.

We are always being asked how bright a light will be – it depends primarily on the wattage of light bulb used – and what is the maximum wattage a light will take. With LED light bulbs the latter question is unnecessary.

Trad filament vs LED filament

40W trad = 6W LED
60W trad = 10W LED
75W trad = 13W LED
100W trad = 18W LED

So a 100W standard old filament lightbulb (now illegal to sell, incidentally), which gives off around 1300 lumens of light, is equivalent to an 18W LED bulb. The higher the wattage, the more heat given off – so plastic bulb holders may gradually melt if too high a wattage is used in them, plus the casings of metal lights will heat up, and may become dangerous. Your 18W LED light bulb, giving off the same bright light as a traditional 100W bulb solves both those issues.

Our giant LED bulbs are 8W, giving off around 800 lumens, and are dimmable. Many of these light bulbs come with a non-standard E40 screw fitting – ours use the standard E27 screw fitting. They’re also very sturdy, whereas traditional versions of these giant bulbs were prone to break during shipping as the fine filaments became damaged.

The dimensions are: 20 cm width, 29 cm height.

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