Fishermen’s Lights Back in Stock

Vintage industrial lighting restock

A small shipment of Revivals restocks arrived recently, so here’s a heads-up.

Back come a good batch of our ever-popular Aluminium & Steel Nautical Pendants (others call them fishermen’s lamps/lights). This is our version of a 1970s vintage nautical pendant light, properly weighty and lovely design.

Also back after a hiatus are our Revivals version of the R.E.A.L. Ceramic Well Glass lights. Ours are aluminium-topped but cleverly finished so they look identical to the vintage ceramic versions. A real 1950s feel to these, great for kitchens!

And we’ve just restocked our Revivals Revo Suspended Light Bulb Pendants with woven vintage-style grey flex, with red also still available.

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