We are now the proud owners of an exclusive new Any Old Lights smartphone app. It’s completely free to download and doesn’t require searching through any tiresome App Store.

View this blog post on your phone and touch this link – you’re in!

Not only does the AnyOldLights app give you one-touch access to our website – rather than faffing around on Google or trying to type the letters on a tiny keyboard – and social media, it also offers an exclusive discount deal.

Changing on a monthly basis, the discount deal could involve a pattern we’re heavily discounting, or a percentage saving off a range of items. It’s a lucky dip, so check back each month to see what’s on offer. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The app is very easy to use. Here’s a key.

1: Touch this ‘hamburger’ menu to access our Facebook and Instagram feeds as well as a Contact form, to ask any questions.

2. Touch the big button to switch to our mobile Any Old Lights website.

3. The second tab in the menu is where you’ll find our monthly-changing discount offer.

4. Touch here to share our App with your friends and relatives, via email, SMS or social media.

And that’s it! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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