Ship’s Clock – Vintage XXWide Double-Sided Round Seiko Polished Steel

£195.00 (inc VAT)

Vintage double-sided ship’s clock, stripped to original steel finish.

This is the now very rare XXwide version – the largest of the two-faced round vintage nautical clocks.

Salvaged from ocean-going cargo ships, dating from the 1980s – some wear and tear will be visible, given original use.

Originally powered by on-board electrical generators which are incompatible with domestic systems, both defunct mechanisms have been replaced by quartz battery-powered versions taking one AA battery each. Batteries are included.

Each weighs 2 Kg, 19 cm diameter, 18 cm wide, protruding 25 cm from the wall; backplate 18 x 11 cm. Four holes in the backplate allow attachment to your wall with screws.

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