Vintage Soviet Submarine Clock – Brass-Rimmed Radio Room

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We have previously come across brass-rimmed submarine clocks, and radio-room versions – this is the first time we have seen the combination in one clock. This clock is a find!

While clocks proliferate around the decks and cabins of a ship, there is only one radio room, so only one radio room clock per vessel. The coloured bands denote periods of radio silence and monitoring.

All Russian submarine clocks are dated – stamped top-right of the face, underneath the face cover. This one is dated January 1981 (1-81) – so 40 years old.

Ours has been stripped of the original khaki paint – which you can still spot in the hinge sections (see image) and on the rear – and polished.

The Russian writing below the number 6 translates to Made in the Soviet Union (being the name for Russia pre-1991).

These clocks have a 12-jewel clockwork movement and are wound using the keyhole above the number 6 – be careful not to over-wind.

These are weighty clocks – 2 Kg – attached to wall using three screws (see image of rear).

Dimensions: diameter 21 cm, 7.5 cm deep.

NB this clock comprises a limited batch of Russian submarine clocks recently landed, including two brass-rimmed (not radio room). We are in the process of refurbishing and photographing to add to website. If you’d like to reserve one, please contact us.

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