Vintage Clockwork Russian Submarine Clocks

Vintage Russian submarine clocks – two available (see images) in this shipment – both with Antimagnetic labelling; one with additional radio-room markings.

Beautifully designed, iconic collectible timepieces that are increasingly disappearing from circulation.

The hour and minute hands are original and painted black; one clock features a red second hand. Each is date-stamped, visible when the clock face is opened up (both dated April 1978).

The clockwork mechanism is wound by a key, inserted into the hole above the number 6. To access this, the face is opened up using the same key, by turning a quarter turn in a hole on the side.

Either side of the number 6 are the Russian words ‘sdelano v SSSR’, which translates as Made in USSRĀ  (the former Soviet Union – later versions show ‘sdelano v Rossiya’, manufactured after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991). That long Russian word below the spindle translates to “Antimagnetic”.

Each clock has a 12-jewel movement and runs for approximately seven days on a full wind (be careful not to over-wind).

These were originally painted on-board submarine: usually a brown or khaki colour. Ours have been stripped and polished back to the aluminium, though the original colour can be glimpsed on the rear of the clock.

(The red radio-room segments, faded and clearly old, appear to have been added by someone on board the ship, so we are selling this below the usual radio-room price.)

Each submarine clock weighs 2 Kg with a diameter of 21 cm and a depth of 7.5 cm.

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