Strand Patt 23 Vintage Theatre Lamp – Tripod Floor Lamp Options

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Vintage Strand theatre lights, dating circa 1950s-70s, are becoming collectible classics, such is their design and theatrical heritage.

For some years already, theatres, schools and auditoriums have been clearing them out, replacing with newer, more efficient – though entirely soulless – LED versions. So many of the old Strands were, heartbreakingly, simply thrown into skips.

Whenever we can – being increasingly less often as numbers of surviving originals dwindle – we rescue these treasures and send them off to a professional polisher for the full treatment, so they shine like never before.

The Strand Pattern 23 baby spotlight is perhaps the classic Strand theatre lamp. Functional in design, yet so of its time, it reeks of the boards. Polished, it’s a wonder to behold.

Some 34 cm long and 23 cm around, it stands 30 cm tall on its U-shaped bracket. We fully rewire each one with vintage-style flex, switch and plug, ending in a standard E27 screw-in light bulb fitting. Use a high wattage LED bulb for best effect.

As with all our portable lighting, each Strand Pattern 23 is PAT-tested.

The stand options for this light are:

Please note: we try to keep at least one polished 23 in stock; above that number, we will need to sent off to the polisher, incurring a 4-6 week wait.

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