1930s Mounted Kodak Counter-Balanced Spotlight ex-Pinewood Studios

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We purchased this amazing Kodak theatrical spotlight from a collector who said he had sourced it from Pinewood Studios. We have no provenance to offer, however the size alone (the stand is 2.25m tall), besides the age, makes the claim entirely feasible.

We’ve had both stand and spotlight professionally stripped, polished and cleaned, and the results are for all to see.

The stand is on a very heavy four-arm base with caster wheels, for stability and easy maoeuvrability. The light itself is attached to a wheeled-fitting that allows it to be moved up and down the steel pillar.

At the rear of the spotlight is a manfacturer’s plate that states:




No amount of research can unearth mention of Kodak London even having made theatrical spotlights – yet clearly they did! Whether a number were made specifically for Pinewood, we cannot say for certain.

What we can state emphatically is that this is stunning piece of theatrical lighting history and very rare.

We will discuss shipping options with the buyer, once purchased. (It would be possible to cut down the height of the stand – an option to bear in mind.)

Dimensions of lamp itself are length 59 cm (excluding handle), width and height 23 cm, lens diameter 11 cm.

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