The Lighthouse – Exclusive Tripod Floor Lamp

£950.00 (inc VAT)

‘The Lighthouse’ is back – after two years!

Any Old Lights created this sought-after exclusive beauty by matching a large brass 360˙ vintage nautical gate-light with our custom-made aluminium surveyor’s tripod. Though the brass light disappeared from circulation, we lately chanced upon three steel versions of the same light, to recreate this iconic classic, perfectly paired with our custom-made teak surveyor’s tripod.

The centrepiece is a heavy, 360˙ thick glass fresnel lens, sandwiched between two shaped steel plates. Stripped and polished, this lamp has been reclaimed from an ocean-going vessel and is circa 50 years old.

The vintage light is custom-mounted on our heavy teak surveyor’s tripod, and fully electrically refurbished.

Each Lighthouse is wired with vintage-style flex, switch and plug, and PAT-tested. Takes one E27 light bulb – we recommend LED filament of any wattage.

The light itself is a foot tall and 25 cm diameter. The tripod stands roughly 140 cm tall, rising to 180 cm extended.

These beautiful monsters are exclusive to Any Old Lights, you won’t find them anywhere else in the world.

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