Large Vintage Brass & Steel Ship’s Cargo Light – Tripod Floor Lamp Option

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These large vintage cargo lights in brass and steel are becoming increasingly hard to source. Prices from the reclamation yards are rising so steeply as a result, this will be our final batch.

The layers of protective paint that once coated this light have been stripped away to reveal the stunning metals, which are then polished.

The rear and pivot sections are solid brass and provide the light’s weight and stability.

Each is fully electrically refurbished with new light bulb fitting and reducer, so this lamp will take a standard E27 screw-in light bulb (of any dimensions, including most giant versions). We attach 2m of vintage-style woven flex, switch and UK mains plug.

Our engineer, Clive, can tripod-mount each vintage cargo light on an exclusive heavy teak surveyor’s tripod for you – select the Tripod Floor Lamp option below.

Cargo light dimensions: 40 cm diameter front, 48 cm front-to-back.

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