Vintage Tripod Lamp – Converted Ship’s Signal Lamp on Heavy Filmmaker Tripod

£870.00 (inc VAT)

If you’re looking for a vintage floor lamp that’s well out of the ordinary, you’ve come to the right place!

This is a vintage ship’s signalling lamp – see the buttons on the top – that we have converted to take one standard E27 light bulb.

To add to the uniqueness, we have mounted it atop a stunning heavy metal filmmaker’s tripod. The tripod, we purchased from the estate of a local filmmaker, and it can be adjusted a bewildering number of ways. It’s a serious piece of kit.

(The Phillips Bicentenary 1796-1996 sticker on it mystified us for a while, until we realised it was added by the Phillips Auction House after manufacture – so this tripod was bought at auction in 1996.)

Fully electrically refurbished with 2m of vintage-style woven flex, switch and plug.

The tripod stands approximately 145 cm tall at lowest extend – and extends higher than the height of our ceiling, so to well over 2m!

Light dimensions: 26 cm diameter lens, 25 cm deep.

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