Small Vintage Steel & Brass Ship’s Cargo Light on Teak Tripod

£440.00 (inc VAT)

The larger versions of this vintage ship light have all but disappeared from circulation. So we’ve snapped up a limited run of this smaller version before they go the same way.

The body is steel, with brass detailing at the rear. The original on-board paint has been stripped off and the metals polished.

The front detaches via three sprung clips around the rim, exposing the refurbished E27 light bulb fitting inside. Our illuminated photograph used a standard 60W filament bulb – we’d recommend using an LED light bulb, which are capable of greater levels of brightness.

We have paired this vintage lamp with our budget classic teak surveyor tripod to keep the price down (please ask if you’d prefer it mounted on a larger tripod).

It comes fully vintage-style wired with switch and plug and stands approximately 110 cm tall extending to 170 cm. The light itself measures 32 cm long with a 27 cm diameter face.

A gorgeous statement light with genuine maritime history.

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