Vintage Tall Ship’s Aluminium & Brass Pelorus Stand with Gimbal Compass

£1,200.00 (inc VAT)

The largest piece of reclaimed nautical history we’ve ever stocked. This imposing aluminium pelorus stand with gimbal compass is so tall, I can rest my elbows comfortably on the brass railing. (I’m six feet tall.)

If you’re a collector of maritime antiques, or are looking for a sculptural artwork with a story to tell that will immediately wow your visitors – this is it. We bought it, purely because it looks so amazing.

Clive, our engineer, has rewired the compass to illuminate the dial, using a toggle switch in the stem.

We cannot ship this item for free, given its unusual size. Please contact us for a shipping quote to your destination prior to purchase, or we can provide the same after purchase and invoice.

Dimensions: 1.36m tall.

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