Vintage Pendant Light – Russian Steel Industrial Inspection Lamp

£175.00 (inc VAT)

Vintage Russian inspection lamp in steel, wood and glass, converted into a vintage pendant light.

Actually reclaimed from a decommissioned cargo ship, these are so steely-looking, we’ve preferred the term “industrial” to “nautical”.

A thick glass dome protects the light source, and that in turn is protected by a half-dome of curved steel. A steel clip to the rear means this could be hooked onto a railing or similar, sitting upright.

We know these are Russian because we found supporting paperwork (see gallery image) tucked inside one of this batch of vintage lights.

Our conversion hangs upside-down, with thew wiring from the light bulb holder running through the black-painted wooden handle.

Our engineer, Clive, has completely refurbished each one, so these are sold pre-wired with 1m of vintage-style woven flex and a bayonet pygmy light bulb holder. He has already installed a light bulb, which is also included in the price – just wire into your ceiling circuit.

Each one is so light it does not require a supporting chain.

Dimensions: 19 cm tall, 8 cm diameter.

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