Vintage Theatre Lighting

Vintage theatrical spotlight

Vintage theatrical spotlights tend to be gorgeous. It’s just the way they were designed.

Despite being hung up among the rafters of some extremely tall buildings, well out of view, the designers clearly cared about form as well as function.

The vintage Strand spotlights are a case in point. The Strand Pattern 23, a snub-nosed mini spotlight, is a nailed-on design classic. Its teardrop-shaped cousin, the Pattern 123, aches with delicate beauty.

All these theatrical treasures are increasingly hard to find, as old lights are thrown out by theatres and replaced with LED. If you have any, we’re always keen to see them – just email us with photos.

Still we maintain a good stock, not just of Strands – any design classic such as these vintage Italian Litas, with their Art Deco stylings, we’re all over.

And of course, there’s the king of all theatrical lighting: the Mole Richardson. We’ve only stocked a few and they don’t hang around for long. (We’ve just sourced a giant Mole Richardson, which is currently at our polisher, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you’ve ever wanted one of these for your home – or restaurant, or company HQ (we recently sold a few Strands to Jack Wills) – now is the time. Before they’re gone for good.

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