Vintage Ships’ Clocks Back in Stock for Christmas!

Vintage ship's clock

Not only have we lately restocked many of our popular vintage ships’ clock patterns, but we’ve also chanced upon a couple of small runs of the really rare versions that have been out of stock for over a year.

As with everything genuine vintage – and if we say it’s vintage you can guarantee it is – these will one day, in the not too distant future, disappear from circulation. Not only do they look fantastic, but they’re also a rarity with a sea-bound story to tell.

Perfect for Christmas presents, in other words.

If you really want to treat a loved one, consider one of our ultra-rare patterns we’ve managed finally to restock. So hard to find have these been that this has got to be our final batch of them all.

First up we have the vintage Seiko double-sided triangular ships’ clocks. These are unusually large – and heavy (secured by four screw-holes in the back-plate) – and a real eye-turner. We’ve secured a small batch in their original painted blue-green, as well as having some stripped and the steel polished. All exhibit wear and tear, in keeping with their original use.

Plus we’ve tracked down just four of the highly prized vintage Vostok Russian submarine clocks. These come with the original, fully working, clockwork mechanism.

Still harder to find is our single brass-rimmed version – the jewel in our vintage ships’ clocks collection.

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