Vintage Nautical Clocks and Russian Submarine Clocks

Vintage nautical clocks

Among our recent shipments we’ve had limited restocks of most of our popular vintage ships’ clocks.

Hardest to source are the clockwork Vostok Russian submarine clocks – just three this time – and it looks as though we have sadly come to the end of line with them now. If you’ve always coveted one, now might be the time to take the plunge.

We have just one vintage triangular double-sided ships’ clock left (plus a ceiling-mounted version, ie the 12 is next to the bracket, which isn’t on the site – contact us for info) and that’s it for good. The case weathering increased with each shipment, requiring greater refurbishment work, and we have to call a stop.

On the plus side, having been out of stock for months, we’ve had in runs of both painted – green and blue – which are in excellent condition, and stripped and polished vintage round double-sided ships’ clocks, exhibiting some lovely patina. The polished version comes in extra-wide.

If your budget is a little lower, we also offer the standard single vintage ship’s clock. These come in four different finishes: with original paint (blue, cream or green) and polished.

All of these nautical clocks have been used on board ships, wired into a maritime voltage circuit incompatible with land-based systems. So all have their original mechanisms removed and replaced with battery versions that are very reliable (each takes a AA battery).

If you want a clock that’s different from the Ikea/Habitat/B&Q norm, with a real ocean-going back-story and added rarity value, check out our Vintage Ships Clocks page – they won’t be around for long!


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