Vintage Nautical Lights (& More) – Now In!

The vintage nautical lighting shipment we’ve just collected is our most eye-popping yet. Every new crate we opened elicited a louder gasp of excitement. It’s hard to know where to start!

Maybe with the vintage ship lights that have been out of stock for a while. We’ve secured just 10 more of these lovely vintage brass bedside lamps, which proved extremely popular. And we’ve sourced just a couple of the extra-large version.

Most popular from the shipment is our restock of vintage ships’ clocks – the double-sided round version, here with their original paint. We offer a choice of two vintage colours: blue-green or sky blue, either in excellent condition.

We took a quick photograph of each new vintage light as it was unpacked, with a view to adding a draft website product listing for each as quickly as possible. The main pics of each can be seen in the grid below. Hover over one to see its description and if anything takes your fancy at this early stage, do drop us a line. Some of our reclaimed ship lights hang around for a little while, before someone spots their potential, but nothing hangs around forever.

As you can see, there are quite a few, so best here to list them. In grid order we have:

  • Vintage Brass Ship’s Bed Light – as described above.
  • Vintage Blue Double-Side Round Ship’s Clock – ditto.
  • Vintage Bronze 2ft Ship’s Propellor – it’s rare and tricky to find a propellor this size and this has been given a serious polish, it’s beautiful. Ideal for an upcycling project, eg upcycled as a side table.
  • Vintage Steel Ship’s Searchlight – we had a couple of these in a while back; they’re free-standing on a heavy cast iron base, so won’t need tripod-mounting.
  • Vintage Steel Rectangular Ship’s Cargo Light – an all-new find, we’ll be mounting these on our chrome tripods.
  • Vintage Banker’s Lamp Style Brass Bed Light – very excited about this new addition to the vintage bedside lamps, this has a banker’s lamp-style brass hood that swivels to alter the light output.
  • Vintage Japanese Aluminium & Brass Ship’s Telegraph – this got the biggest ‘Wow” of them all. It is far larger (115 cm tall) and heftier than a mere photograph credits it, and it is beautiful! An entirely original Italian Gilnavi, Genova, brass ship’s telegraph (clearly once used on an English-speaking ship, as the English translations of the dial speeds have been marked on the glass faces. Weight: 80 Kg or more? (We don’t have scales sturdy enough to weight it!)
  • Vintage Clear Fresnel Brass Ship’s Lantern – though these are genuine vintage brass ships’ lanterns (25 cm high, 20 cm wide) they were only ever stored and unused, so were never painted and the brass is near-perfect.
  • Vintage Red Fresnel Brass Ship’s Lantern – and we have just six, four red and two clear.
  • Vintage Orange Caged Steel Ship’s Cargo Light – we just loved the orange! This is a good-sized fox light (44 cm high, 27 cm lens) which we will mount, probably on one of our lovely large teak tripods.
  • Large Vintage Aluminium Ship’s Pillar Light – coming in over a foot tall (36 cm, 18 cm wide) these very large nautical bulkheads feature ribbed glass and a pleasing finned design. We have 12 off.
  • Vintage Dae Yang Ship’s Wind Anemometer – a very close second in the ‘Wow’ stakes. This also is larger (68 cm long, 75 cm high) than the picture gives it credit, and it is so stunning. Made by the famous Dea Yang company of Korea, it is a wind anemometer, with highly polished aluminium body and fibreglass tail, with a lovely brass detail on the nose. The propellor is so responsive that, despite the weight it looks, it will turn if you blow upon it. Would look amazing mounted in a garden.
  • Large Vintage Brass Ship’s Bell – originally a deep dark green, from years at sea, the polishing work has revealed a delightfully shaped, shining brass ship’s bell, 30cm in diameter at the aperture.
  • Vintage Italian Brass Ship’s Telegraph – somehow overshadowed by the Italian brass telegraph, this is also a staggering work of art! Japanese-made, it is cast aluminium with lovely brass detailing.
  • Vintage Blue-Green Double-Sided Ship’s Clock – the sky blue version of the above.

So that’s the run-down. We’ll add these to the site just as quickly as we can – it’s an involved job – but if you’d like to know any more about any of these vintage marine lights or maritime collectibles, we’d be delighted to help.

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