Vintage Maritime Light Focus: Ribbed Oval Bulkead

Vintage maritime light: ribbed oval bulkhead

This vintage nautical light is on sale at the moment, as we had a decent number in – so grab one quick!

What I love about this is the design. The ribbing has a real Art Deco feel to it, with lovely smooth curves. It’s a vintage light you feel you could stroke!

The ribbed, frosted glass softens the light output and this is a very light, er, light. The casing is thin – but sturdy.

These reclaimed vintage lights would have been salvaged from a large cargo vessel or tanker.

Unusually, the light bulb fittings in these were in excellent condition and for once, we didn’t need to replace – which helped us keep the price low.

A larger version of this ribbed vintage ship’s light exists, but smaller lights are always popular. At 20 cm long, this one does the job and looks fantastic. Kit out your hallway, kitchen or lounge, while we still have the stock!

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