We’ve had a large selection of gorgeous vintage marine lighting arrive and have been trying to find the time to photograph it for the website. Having finally found the time, there is a lot of new vintage stock on the website now, much of not seen before and exclusive to us in the UK. Have a look on the homepage Featured & New-In section, where plenty resides. We’ll run through a few highlight here.

The vintage steel honeycomb-caged bulkhead (pictured) is a particular favourite. It’s a very unusual design with a hint of Art Deco about it, and eye-catching ribbed glass.

That matches rather perfectly with vintage steel and aluminum oval bulkhead ship lights also added to stock.

vintage ships bell brass clement 1959 closeWe discovered that our vintage brass ship’s bell from the MV Clement, dated 1959, has links to the iconic Admiral Graf Spee. Our Clement (5)’s predecessor, the SS Clement (3), saw service during World War II and was tragically the first vessel to be sunk by the German battleship, in 1939.

We also acquired a lovely piece of British maritime history, dating from World War II. Our brass and copper Royal Navy battleship masthead lamp is dated 1943 and comes fully refurbished and polished.

Back with reclaimed ships lights, our brass and bronze explosion-proof bulkhead lights – in three different sizes/designs (though the giant version is already sold out) – are simply stunning. And monstrous: each weighs in around the 10 Kg mark!

vintage nautical light hooded sprung ships spotlightFinally in this vintage lighting round-up, we sourced a couple of very distinctive steel vintage ship’s spotlights. The spring-mounted version, which strongly resembles a 1950s BBC microphone, is a cracker.

There are still more items to be photographed and added to the site in the coming days/weeks, so keep an eye on that Featured & New-In section, and if you have nay questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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