Vintage Marine Lighting Arrivals

We’re always scouring the globe for vintage ships lights that perfectly suit our range. We look for classic nautical lighting designs in a range of materials, that would be perfect for kitchen lighting, living room lighting, for hallways and bedrooms – but that also could be used for lighting bars and restaurants.

As the age of cargo ships being decommissioned deceases with time, so the availability of vintage ship lights in brass and copper, especially, gets smaller. A number of our older cargo lights have already become obsolete, and the brass bulkheads are swiftly following.

Luckily we have a number of trusted suppliers abroad, who can still source the gems. 

Beside the ever-popular Small and Long Vintage Brass Nautical Pendant Lights that we currently stock in good numbers, and some equally popular, properly hefty Vintage Brass Ships Bulkheads, we’re still managing to add to the collection.

Check out this Large Vintage Finned Aluminium Nautical Tripod Light! We sourced two, there’s only this one left. Never seen one like it before, unlikely to again. As vintage ship lights go, it’s out there.

As ever, if you have any questions or there’s a certain type of maritime light you’ve set your heart on – get in touch!

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