Vintage Lighting & Curios Incoming – Winter 2020

Vintage aluminum ship's compass on stand

We’ve been unable to restock our vintage nautical lights all year, due to the global lockdown. Finally things have started moving again and we have a large shipment of vintage lights and vintage maritime curios due at Any Old Lights mid-December.

Here is just a selection of those vintage items. These photographs were taken by our supplier, prior to shipment, so please excuse the quality.

We will be adding these to the website and our shop stock as quickly as possible, however this can take several days – so if there is anything here you’ve been looking to use in your property, or if anything interests you, please get in touch now. We can price them for you and give you an idea of when we will be able to ship to you.

Several restocked items – including our popular vintage triangular and double-sided clocks – are already available for pre-order on this website, so have a look around. You’ll find all the clocks here.

Anything pre-ordered, we will pick from the crates first, and will try our best to ship to you before Christmas (if desired). Given the general circumstances of 2020, we cannot guarantee Xmas delivery of these items. But we will try!

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