You may have noticed that we have started offering vintage light switches on the site.

These are crafted in the UK from cast aluminium, using a sand-casting process that gives a lovely patina and means that each switch is unique, differing very slightly from others.

We do not produce these ourselves but have partnered with a craftsman who makes them, casting from a 1930s Crabtree original.

It is very hard to find an original vintage light switch, and if you do the prices can be prohibitive. Ours offer a readily sourced solution and look just as good as – if not better than – originals.

The range currently includes a single switch up to a six-gang version. The switches areĀ BSEN 60669-1 registered, 15 Amp toggles, with a choice of two earth points. We may add to this in the future, to include junction boxes and similar fittings.

Since each switch is made to order, please allow around two weeks for delivery.

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