Vintage Industrial Lighting

We’ve been on a vintage industrial lighting buying spree of late. It’s fair to say, given the gems we’re sourcing, that we just can’t help it! These sort of vintage industrial lights date back to the 1950s – at the latest – and some date back to the 1930s. That simply exquisite grey ceramic-gallery grey Benjamin (main picture), for instance, is 75+ years old.

It’s quite simple: one day soon, they’ll be gone. You won’t be able to buy them for love nor money. Well, perhaps the latter – but an awful lot more than we are charging now. And we’re cheaper than the competition.

The trouble with buying so many vintage industrial lights is that they all need refurbishing to our exacting standards, and that takes time. So we have a growing backlog – our vintage GEC strip lights have been in the workshop since last autumn – which we will now focus upon, to get these stunning vintage lights up on the site. We have a fabulous range of classic vintage lighting that we’re working on, by such luminaries as Benjamin, Thorlux, Wardle, GEC, Coolicon and REAL.

For now, I’m going to add a selection of pre-refurbished vintage lights to a photo gallery here (click on one to view), and if you’d like to know more – or bag one or two before they hit the site proper and are snapped up – then get in touch.

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