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Hotel Lighting Design

Whether you’re designing lighting for a self-catering cottage, a guest house, bed and breakfast or hotel – you need to impress, to stand out. We have dozens of AirBnB and Owners Direct clients, as we’re perfect for a domestic-sized project with commercial aspirations.

You need high-quality, you need functionality and you need statement pieces that catch your guest’s eye. You need Any Old Lights.

Hotel Bedside Lights: Case Study

Nautical bedside lampThis vintage aluminium ship’s ‘bullseye’ bulkhead light – as well as the huge caged marine pendant lights in the banner image of this page – hang in Mackay’s boutique B&B hotel in Durness, in the breathtaking Highlands of Scotland.

We worked with Fiona Mackay, who had specific lighting design in mind – vintage not new, and a penchant for the silvery finish of aluminium and steel – to create lighting that reeks of age, quality and durability, while maintaining a practicality.

Our vintage marine lights worked as ambient lighting and task lighting, yet looked so distinctive that they added the appeal of statement lighting.

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Any Old Lights operate a Trade Account and offer attractive discounts to commercial clients

Hotel Lighting Tips

wall light for guest house Hotel rooms are no longer just places to sleep and your hotel room lighting – from table lamps to bedside lights to – needs to work for your guests. (A common complaint to concierges is lack of brightness in a room.)

So plan your lighting with your guests’ needs foremost, and design with style and quality.

Retro styling – check out our ever-expanding Modern Retro range – and industrial designs will always look good. And our vintage and new marine bulkhead lights, available in numbers, make perfect hotel wall lights and hallway lighting.


Hospitality Lighting Supplies

We understand that even the grandest hotel lighting design plan has a budget to work within. Set up a Trade Account with us and ask about discounts. Besides having the contacts to be able to source all manner of vintage lighting, we can also make custom designs to order, at unbeatable prices.

And keep in mind that we don’t only sell lights. Our vintage ships’ clocks and antique nautical curios are as effective as any statement lighting at giving your guests a sense of timelessness and style.

Justine from Any Old Lights is a qualified interior designer and would be delighted to consult with you. Call Nick on 01726 833089 or 0794 6044460 to discuss your requirements.

Looking to design or refurbish accommodation lighting?
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