Using The Discount Voucher

Thanks for joining our Loyalty Discount Scheme – here’s a £20 Off voucher to get you started!

NB: get this voucher BEFORE you try to purchase any lights.

You will receive it via email once you have clicked Add to Cart below and filled in your contact details (no payment details are required – this is free).

Keep this email safe and make a note of your unique coupon code (ringed in this example below).

coupon code ringed

Your coupon is valid for 60 days.

Type your coupon code into the box shown below when making your purchase – £20 (£16.67 + VAT) will be deducted automatically.

Type coupon code in here

There is an option at Checkout to gift your voucher to another person, by inputting their email address instead of yours.

Your voucher can be redeemed against any product/s on our website over the value of £50, excluding Sale items.