Tripod Floor Lamps Added Recently

Vintage blue Furse baby spot

We have taken delivery in 2019 of one vintage shipment and one Revivals shipment, and have been busily updating stock and adding new vintage lights to the website.

Of note recently are three vintage tripod floor lamps:

Vintage Furse Theatrical Tripod Floor Lamp (pictured)

A pair of vintage 1960s Furse theatrical baby spotlights, in their original metallic blue and gold colours, mounted on a new style of teak tripod.

Vintage Strand Pattern 45 Theatrical Tripod Floor Lamp

Another vintage theatrical baby spot, this one a Strand Pattern 45, professionally stripped and polished, mounted on a classic teak tripod.

Vintage Nautical Brass & Steel Caged Tripod Floor Lamp

A very unusual brass maritime cargo light with striking steel cage and no glass, mounted on a classic teak tripod (steel tripod optional).


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