Tour Our Lighting Shop

We have finally (with some gaps to fill in) completed our refurbishment and are now open for business once again, with the space here at 9 South Street in Fowey now completely given over to Any Old Lights. The new layout of the shop allows us a lot more space to display our collection, so let’s take a brisk tour. The image gallery shows…


Our new window (almost) complete with LED Any Old Lights neon sign – we can provide bespoke versions to your specifications upon request – 115-year-old Korean Diving helmet and super tanker wheel housing, among other delights.

The alcove section given over to our small but ever-popular range of vintage ships’ clocks, beneath which is our new Sale section, featuring end-of-the-line one-offs. Currently, there’s a nice selection of original ships’ brass passageway lights going for £125 each (compared with £154 and upwards).

Contine round clockwise and our new shelving houses the bulkhead lighting: reclaimed, vintage, new, aluminium, brass, copper, steel, plain glass, ribbed glass… Something for every taste and budget.

On the back wall, as before, are our passageway lights. Again, a deft selection offering something for everyone. A chain link net curtain conceals the entrance to our all-new, greatly expanded stock room: a vast relief to us, and a boon for the customer as we’ll be able to put our hands on your lights instantly, rather than having to root through piles of boxes stacked in a small cupboard, hoping.

Next, clockwise, come the lights on stands. We can properly display these now, offering various combinations of vintage and new beauties, on wooden or aluminium tripods, or our bespoke aluminium pillars. (We’re expecting further, very exciting, additions to Lights on Stands imminiently, so keep your eyes peeled for news.)

In the genuinely ancient fireplace, as before, is our collection of maritime collectibles, including original ships’ wheels, floats and anchor. We’ve sold a few items recently, so must devote some time to sourcing new gems.

Further round (not pictured) come our new computer desk, the hanging multi-coloured factory pendants and, perhaps our greatest acquisition: the coffee machine. So come visit, and sup a free coffee as you check out our magpie wares. We hope you like the new look as much as we do!

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