To Anglepoise or to Balanced Arm?

Once again in stock, here is our balanced-arm lamp (which we call a “Giant Angle-Poise“, to avoid bemused expressions).

A balanced armed or floating armed lamp is a lamp with an adjustable folding arm which is constructed so that the force of gravity is always counteracted by springs, regardless of the position of the arms of the lamp. Such lamps are variations on the pioneering Anglepoise lamp – “Anglepoise” being actually a brand name, in the same vein as “Hoover”/vacuum cleaner.

One of the most successful examples of amateur British invention, the Anglepoise lamp designed by the automotive engineer George Carwardine, is based on the utility of a new type of spring, invented by Carwardine in 1932, and designed to remain in position after being moved in every conceivable direction. The first version was produced under license by the spring manufacturers Herbert Terry and Sons in 1934.

Efficient and energy-saving, the Anglepoise has remained in production ever since. Our version may be the largest.

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