Here in Cornwall we’re rather spoilt for a crashing sea view or two. And it was while on a late-night wander along the South West Coast Path, overlooking quite such a view, coming up the slope towards the Gribbin Tower, that the idea for The Lighthouse came to me. Could we create a light that looked exactly like a home lighthouse? Obviously, the light wouldn’t flash on and off, or it would drive people mad, but it would provide that 360˚ fresnel lens experience, lofted above the ground/floor, mesermising to the eye.

We knew exactly the type of light we were after, and how we would mount it, and so began the quest. There were several lights featuring full fresnel lenses, but which had bulky mountings, or were the wrong size, shape or material. We wanted brass, we wanted extremely high quality, and we wanted a mounting that did not overpower the light, and which would fit perfectly with our custom-made aluminium surveyor’s tripod. After many weeks of scouring, finally we found it: a stunning vintage Kokosha brass fresnel lens ship’s lamp.

And so Any Old Lights is itchingly proud to unveil The Lighthouse. A light so perfect, so exquisite, so different, that every home should have one. Except we have the only one in the world. Own it yourself, if you dare to dream.

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