Surveryor’s Tripods

teak surveyor tripod for sale uk

Surveyors’ tripods are the cream of the lighting-stand crop. And ours are among the best.

We picked up an original British surveryor’s tripod and had a mould made from it, from which were cast our solid aluminium surveryors’ tripods which feature brass touches. These are very weighty beasts of stands, which we use to support our largest and heaviest lights. However, they’re also gorgeous enough to work with smaller, lighter lights, such as our Strand Pattern 23 theatre light.

We also picked up a sample teak wood version of the same, modelled from our original, which flew out of our shop the moment it arrived. So we ordered a further batch and these are due in within a fortnight.

Both surveryors’ tripods are priced at £200. We also have a lower-budget mangowood tripod, priced at £100.

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