Strand Theatre Lights

Any Old Lights began by selling purely reclaimed ships’ lights. Shortly we moved into vintage industrial lighting. Next thing, we’re offered a decently sized batch of Strand theatre lights…

What to do? Well, we said Yes, of course! We’re Any Old Lights, these lights are 1960s classics and that Any gives us carte blanche! (Are we allowed to use that phrase post-Brexit?)

So here’s what we picked up, from an Oxfordshire drama teacher:

  • 2 x Strand Pattern 137 floodlights *
  • 3 x Strand Pattern 23N spotlights *
  • 4 x Strand Pattern 743 floodlights *
  • 7 x Strand Pattern 23 spotlights *
  • 1 x Strand Pattern 764 spotlight *

*link no longer available

All in painted, fully working, original condition.

Now, we like a good polish here at Any Old Lights, but we weren’t about to start on these intricate beauties. So Clive dismantled them and we sent them off to our trusted polisher. The first three are back and we’ve just mounted a Strand Pattern 23N on one of our cast aluminium surveyor’s tripods, and a Strand Pattern 23 on a mangowood tripod, and put them in our shop – and they look incredible. They are Works of Art.

If you’d like further info on any other of our Strand theatre lights, please contact us for details.


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