Strand Theatre Light Update (inc Pinewood Studios Spotlight)

Vintage Strand theatre lamp

We’ve had a run on our vintage mounted Strand theatre lights of late and are on the hunt for more.

Fear not, we still have a few vintage theatrical lighting gems (and we’ll save the best till last):

A small run of the ever-popular – and quite stunning – vintage Strand Pattern 23 spotlights still available. Each has been stripped and polished and can be mounted either on one of our budget mangowood tripods or, for full effect, on one of our custom-made cast-aluminium surveyor’s tripods.

We have a couple of vintage Strand Pattern 137 floodlights, which we’ve had stripped and custom-chromed for an extra-special finish. These aren’t on the site yet, but can be viewed in the shop. We will be adding here shortly.

An unpolished vintage Strand Pattern 263 – we’ve left the original paint on this one to keep the price down – on a mangowood tripod. So if you’ve ever fancied a really impressive mounted theatrical spotlight, at a budget price, this is the one!

Outside of the Strand theatre lamps we have a very sleek Source 4 theatre lamp *no longer available* with fresnel lens, on a mangowood tripod – again a budget option. And a really dinky vintage theatrical spotlight *no longer available* on a tripod that lowers so it could be used as a very unusual table lamp – just £90 + VAT.

At the other end of the scale, we have currently on show in our Fowey vintage lighting shop at 9 South Street, a frankly enormous mounted theatre light. So vast that we’re still working out how best to be able to photograph it! (The last time I tried, I couldn’t stand far enough back in the shop to get the whole light in the viewfinder!)

And finally – we said we’d saved the best till last… Having said that the previous light was large, this one is so tall we can’t even get it in the shop. And it is stunning. It’s a vintage Kodak theatrical spotlight, mounted on a very heavy steel base, that was reclaimed from Pinewood Studios, the home of James Bond. (Whether our light was used on the 007 Stage, I’m afraid we can’t confirm.) That light, we’ve just have back from the polishers – and it is something else.

Photographing it requires further logistical intrigue – the greetings card business would have been so much simpler (if far less rewarding)! – but we’ll be sorting that in the coming days and adding it to the site. (Since it won’t fit in the shop, you will only be able to buy it online.)

If you’d like to know more about any of these items, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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