Sought-After Vintage Lighting Stock Imminent

Certain ever-popular vintage lights go out of stock and are impossible to find again. We’re always casting our nets wider, in the hope of tracking them down. And recently we hit paydirt.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our next, imminent shipment – small in size, but all gems. Among its contents are unexpected restocks of:

Polished aluminium & fibreglass nautical wind anemometer (we also have a brass & fibreglass version arriving)

Giant vintage brass & steel cargo light mounted on heavy teak tripod

Large vintage brass & steel cargo light mounted on heavy teak tripod

The restock meaning that we can also new create these unique beauties again, for a limited time:

Vintage nautical brass giant light bulb table lamp

Never say never – we may be able to source these items once again, but it’s increasingly unlikely. Even if we do, suppliers’ prices keep rising in line with the scarcity.

So if you’ve thought of investing – now’s the time.

Our shipment arrives Saturday (23 March) so we’re expecting at the warehouse late next week.

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