Shipment Arriving Imminently!

Vintage ship lights back in stock

After an unusually frustrating time, when matters were out of our control – curse you, Suez Canal (and Customs) – our massive restock shipment is with us on Tuesday 5th December. It’s considerably later than our planning intended, but that’s one of the hazards of running a vintage lighting company, when so much has to be sourced oceans away.

To all customers who have pre-ordered: we will be unpacking the crates containing your lights immediately on arrival, and re-packing for you. If the shipment arrives early enough, we will book them in same-day for collection by UPS on Wednesday, and you should have your order Thursday. Failing that, add one day. So all UK pre-orders should be received by the end of next week.

Given the delay, we’re going to keep the Free Shipping offer available on pre-orders until this Sunday. Check for any lighting out of stock in our Any Old Lights Exclusives range, and on the Nautical Wall Lights page, to take advantage of this offer.

We’re expecting our shipment of vintage nautical lighting to arrive in the country mid-December, and will update on that nearer the time.

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