RetroFutures – A Revolution in Lighting Design

Ever looking towards the future of lighting design, but with the classics of the past firmly in mind, Any Old Lights have been developing their own RetroFutures range of lighting for the past year.

Running off 12V, our acrylic 10W LED lights are eco-friendly, super-economical to run, they’re waterproof so can be used outdoors as well as indoors, and highly flexible.

Launching the Brand

Any Old Lights’ revolutionary RetroFutures range of 12V acrylic LED lighting soft-launched at the Restaurant & Bar Design Show at Excel in London in late September 2018. We are planning a crowdfunding campaign shortly, offering the first 100 RetroFutures lights to pledgers. We will be entering full production in spring/summer 2019, when we will also reveal new designs.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the range, or would like to be among the first to order, please complete the form below.

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