Refurbishing Vintage Industrial Lighting

Vintage industrial lights, by their very nature, can arrive in various states of repair. Some take more work than others.

Take this vintage holophane industrial wall light. We picked a good run of these up from Birmingham, where they’d been reclaimed from a local factory. Physically they were very sound, however the holophane glass had gathered the grime of ages and the aluminium bodies were covered in three layers of paint, some silver, some white. Some both. Go figure.

It’s amazing what a difference a session with the rotary steel brush in Clive’s workshop can make. All those layers of paint are whisked away and the aluminium beneath – not glimpsed in perhaps 50 years – takes on a patina from the steel brush.

The thick glass with its prismatic ridges took a good old soaking in warm water with detergent, then a kitchen-sponge scrub.

You can see the difference our TLC makes in our before and after shot.

Refurbish/replace the old electrical fitting and the job’s a good’un!

These now-gorgeous 1960s industrial lights are now for sale on our website here.

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